Recent Reviews

C. Trechter - 08/13/2019

Needed an assessment on whether our house could support a second story addition. We talked about possible designs and what the second story might look like. I was impressed with the quality of his work and all of the advice he had. Definitely worth it to have Grubb Engineering come out. I can’t recommend them high enough!

A. Baumann – 05/01/2019 

“Our second floor master has a dip in the center and our contractor wanted the opinion of a Structural Engineer. Enter Chris and Grubb Engineering. Chris was professional, courteous, and respectful of our space. He was able to quickly assess and investigate the situation, answer a myriad of questions with extreme patience, and send us a completed and thorough report of his findings and recommendations less than four hours later.”

D. Moss – 01/03/2019 

“Outstanding job, very professional, quite helpful and explanatory of what was needed to repair the problem, and priced very reasonably.”

E. Underwood - 10/11/18

“We had a wonderful experience! Chris was very thorough and explained everything after his inspection. Would and will highly recommend him to anyone in need of a structural assessment.”

C. Grier - 05/02/2018

"Upon inspection my suspicion that a basement post had been removed at some time in the past was confirmed but despite my fears that an expensive solution would be required they gave me a sensible, reasonable option to address the issue. They provided instructions that I can give to whomever I choose to perform the work. The cost of the service was worth it for the peace of mind it gave me."

J. Grayson - 01/24/18

"Chris was amazing. He let me tag along as he made his evaluations and measurements during the inspection. He explained what was good, what need sooner attention and what needed addressing in the furture. The great thing is that as an inspector and structural engineer he has no ulterior motive to sell you a project or a "problem." Chris also did a great job in suggesting a timeline for when the significant issues should be addressed. Chris also provided a very detailed report for his suggested fixes and even offered to review any plans from a contractor to ensure they were in line with his recommendations."

L. Smith - 11/08/17

"Chris of Grubb Engineering was top-notch. A large tree had fallen on our house and we needed a structural inspection for the insurance company. Chris spent a lot of time with us pointing out places where our house had suffered structural damage. He took plenty of pictures, went into our crawlspace, and also inspected our roof from within the attic. His written report was thorough and very professionally done. I would hire this company again without hesitation."

J. Greene - 10/04/17

"Mr. Grubb was punctual and was very thorough. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them in a way that was both detailed and professional. He provided us with a detailed inspection report the and a plan of action for us to take to preserve the structural integrity of our home the day after our inspection. His services were extremely valuable and saved us thousands of dollars in needless upgrades that we were told we needed by a prominent foundation repair company. I would highly recommend his services to anyone either buying a home or having foundation issues. His fee is very reasonable for the service he provides."

R. Zertuche - 09/27/17

"Chris showed up on time and provided a thorough inspection (of what can be seen) of the issues i
wanted him to look out. He took initial measurements of settling so that we can monitor and provided in

G. Robey - 06/15/17

"I was very pleased with the amount of detailed questions and final drawings for this project. They
we're very open to answering any questions I had while being flexible in assisting on other aspects not
directly related to the job at hand but would affect the final outcome."

S. Lanigan - 02/27/17

"Did a good job. Responsive when we needed him. Showed up on time. Got us what we needed.
Even gave us some free advice. I will definitely call him again for engineering services."

 R. Schecter - 02/07/17

"Chris was great. He and his assistant were very thorough in inspecting my home, taking very
accurate measurements, and answering my questions. He provided a detailed report and gave
suggestions on what to look for in the future."

A. Swilley - 02/02/17

Chris came to our home and did a detailed inspection of the inside and outside. He determined how the water was getting in and devised a plan to remediate it. He explained to us in layman's terms how and why we had water in our basement and the best way to correct the issue long-term. He suggested several basement waterproofing companies to us and we now have 3 of them coming out to bid on doing the repairs. We had the inspection report within just a few days of his visit and now we feel confident that we won't be paying for repairs we don't need. His insight was invaluable. If we ever have another structural issue again (here's hoping we don't!), our first call will be to Grubb Engineering Services. I have already referred a co-worker who is having a similar issue with water in the basement of her new home to Grubb Engineering Services.

K. Hernacki - 12/20/2016

"Chris Grubb is excellent. I would recommend him and his company over anyone else."

C. Latimer - 12/12/2016

"Very good. Very knowledgeable. Couldn't have asked for better."

W. Watson - 11/29/2016

"Chris was great to work with, offered great insights, and delivered our drawings on time."

K. Oldford - 10/27/2016

"Chris did an outstanding job. He is very experienced and knowledgable. I am an engineer (but not structural) so consider myself somewhat qualified to comment on his work. Chris took detailed measurements of relative elevations of multiple points with respect to the center of the floor, on both the basement and the first floor. He concluded that there is some small settling occurring, but not something that needs correction at this point. He also took detailed measurements of the deviation from plumb of walls in the basement and determined that the one out-of-plumb wall is as originally constructed, not off plumb due to any shifting of the house. The most valuable outcome of this study is that we now have a detailed quantitative baseline from which we can accurately measure any future settling to determine whether any preventive or corrective measures are required. All the measurements are documented in his report."

N. Seoh - 9/25/2016

"Excellent. He came on time and took his time to tell me his findings as we looked through the house. He has measured the floors and told me that while the house is leaning a more than he would like, it is also a 20+ year old house and hopefully everything has settled by now. He has given me recommendations for fixes and told me to follow up in two years or so to make sure the situation is not worsening. Written report was sent to me via email a few days after. All in all, satisfied with the work!"

J. Barefield -6/6/2016

"Great! He was very thorough, professional, and knowledgable. I felt like he gave us an honest evaluation of some issues with our house. He told us exactly what the issues were and how soon we needed to act on them and then gave us a report that I think will be invaluable in the future and if we ever sell. He offered some of his services for the future but I didn't feel like he was trying to "sell" me on anything. He seemed very trustworthy to me which is one of the most important things to me when I consider if I will recommend or use someone again."

S. Chang - 5/26/2016

"I asked Chris to come look at a crack in the drywall next to a window I had difficulty opening in my condo. I was worried about a serious foundation issue. I also wanted to make sure there were no other major issues I needed to fix with the condo before I sold it. Chris was friendly and professional, and great at explaining things in layman's terms. He measured many things around the condo and did a thorough evaluation. My father, a retired architect, followed him around and said he was extremely impressed, and learned quite a bit from Chris's expertise. He really understood our situation, and we trusted his evaluation, and knew we were in good hands. Thank you Chris!!"

M. Alberti - 1/2/2016

"We really appreciated was how well he explained all of his findings to us in language we could understand. In fact, it was not only informative, but incredibly interesting to learn so much about construction and the materials builders use, and why. We were so relieved to find out that the crack in the foundation is not one to worry about and that our home is structurally sound.
During the inspection he examined the walls, doors and windows too. He showed us where the ceiling had been patched due to a leak.
He examined all of the joints in the walls and could even tell us what sort of product had been used during construction. He was happy to report that construction is good and no weakness was found.
Chris told us what the unlikely signs of any dampness seeping into the crack would look like and recommended how it should be repaired.
This was the best $500 dollars we ever spent. We have a signed and stamped report from him to keep on record in the event we should decide to ell our house at some point.
We will call upon Chris again when we finish our basement to be sure all goes well. I would recommend Chris to anyone needing an honest, highly skilled and experienced engineer. "

P. Van Es- 3/4/2015

Chris conducted a thorough inspection of our home and gave us the peace of mind we needed. He is professional, courteous, and answered all our questions. His report was received as expected.

R. Bloomfield - 3/4/2015

Chris was excellent. Did a thorough evaluation and made recommendations on what we needed to do to correct the problem. We were also considering adding an addition to the area where the cracks were, and he made recommendations and wrote specifications for any contractor we hire.

M. Roddy - 2/18/2015

I wanted to take time to say thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. Your knowledge and communication was an invaluable help to me. I never once felt rushed in any of our conversations, which included many questions from me. Although my need was relatively small, you addressed it with a professionalism that far exceeded my expectations. I would enthusiastically recommend you and your company to anyone in need of the great service you provide.

K. Lee - 2/18/2015

Thanks for the quick reply. You’re the best and much appreciated!

M. Pennington - 12/12/14

It certainly was a pleasure to wok with you. Thank you for the good report. It is a great relief to me.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

M. Kelly – 11/30/14

Chris was exactly what I had hoped for, as he was not only very responsive and very thorough, but he didn’t downplay the seriousness of the cracks, nor did he overplay it either, once he found the problem. Given my anxiety over the situation, he could easily have suggested all sorts of expensive things to me and I would have gone with it. I very much appreciated that he didn’t, and that he was interested in providing the right solution, not the most expensive one. I subsequently had the work (additional footings, including two steel posts) done by Engineered Solutions of Georgia. I now have a more solid house, thanks to Mr Grubb. I would call him again for any structural problem and would rely on his professional advice.

M. Corbridge – 10/15/14

Provided plans for major renovation including addition of two steel structural beams and a porch addition! Chris was great with reply and follow up!

K. Gobble – 3/2/14

Chris inspected a home for a remodel and helped size the loads for the new planed addition. Great job!